How to Effectively Deal with Cold

Common cold is very annoying especially that there is no established cure. But let is not fret because we can try different things to alleviate the discomfort we are experiencing. We are lucky if we have to deal with it for three to seven days however sometimes they stay longer. Though there is no established cure, we can still do something about it. We can start by following this treatment:

Get a lot of rest. Resting when we feel terrible is not a bad thing. If we feel uncomfortable, we can always file for sick leave. Two to three days of rest will surely improve our condition. We should give the body enough time to recuperate so it can fight cold. If we pursue things without resting, colds may eventually end or it may worsen. Avoid using commercial nasal decongestant, use homemade saline nasal solution instead. If we have sore throat, it is best to gargle with warm water and salt to temporary ease the throat.

Prevent the spread of pathogens. We should do our best to prevent the spread of infection. We can begin by avoiding contact as much as possible. We can infect many people so it is best to stay at home and relax. If we need to go to work, we should limit our dealings and always wash our hands. If in the house, chances of spreading the infection are high. To lessen the chances, we should separate the utensils we use. We should also wash our beddings to eliminate pathogens.

Drink a lot of water and increase Vitamin C intake. We should drink as much water as we can every day. It is also advisable to increase our Vitamin C intake by drinking a lot of orange juice and eating fruits. We can try the honey and lemon remedy.

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