How to Tend Your Newborn

Is it your first baby? If it is your first, you are usually anxious all the time because everything is new to you. But caring or tending for the newborn baby can be learned easily if you give yourself time to get used to it.

You should first get ready for his/her coming. There are a lot of things that should be purchased. Don’t consider late shopping because you will forget a lot of things-unless you have a list. You should secure a crib or a bassinet, clothing, blankets, bottles and lots of diapers. If your due date is near, it is recommended that you pack the infant’s clothing, bottles, diapers and blankets so when the time comes, you just have to grab it and go to the hospital.

Usually the anxiety starts when you bring the infant home because there are no doctors and nurses present. From there on, you and your partner should deal with the infant unless you hire wet nurses. Caring for the newborn is a challenge but full of happy moments.

You should learn how to carry the infant. You will feel nervous because they are so fragile that one tiny mistake can break their bones. Just secure the neck and the head when holding them because it is one of the most vulnerable parts in their body. If you want to sleep with the baby, have his/her crib inside your room but never sleep beside the baby because it might cause accidents like falling, suffocation and your partner might roll over him/her. Always remember to check the baby especially when sleeping, make sure he/she is sleeping on his/her back.

Babies cry a lot. They will cry when they are hungry or when they have dirty diapers but sometimes, they cry when they feel unwell. If their crying persists, it is time to bring him/her to the paediatrician.

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