Introducing the Yahoo Screen

Singaporeans are happy to know that Yahoo Screen is already available. It is the video streaming of Yahoo and it is thought to be competing against YouTube. Before Yahoo Screen, it started as Yahoo Video. Yahoo Video is a video search engine. On June 2006, Yahoo allowed people to share video clips. In 2008, Yahoo video was redesigned.


In 2010, Yahoo Video’s utility to upload videos was eliminated. The contents were later removed in 2011. Yahoo Video rebranded to Yahoo Screen on October 2011 and streamed three seasons of “Burning Love” but then it was syndicated for TV in 2013. In June 2014, Yahoo Screen picked the sixth season of Community.

Yahoo Singapore is proud to offer the following features for their Yahoo Screen:


  • Lifestyle: Without a doubt you will see various lifestyle videos on Yahoo Screen. You can enjoy huge contents related to lifestyle. You can see the way of life of many and get inspiration from it.
  • Asian short films: If you want to peruse or watch Asian short films and experience its glory, you can always search for one or more. There are many short films that you will enjoy. You can also share it to your friends if you like.
  • Fashion: It does not end there because Yahoo Screen will also provide huge contents related to fashion. You will be happy to know that there are many fashion tips in store for you. You can choose to watch XiaXue’s Guide to Life.
  • Viral videos: You have the power to watch videos before it will go viral.
  • Beauty tips: If you want beauty and wellness tips, let Yahoo Screen be your guide. You will find many practical beauty and wellness tips that you can use easily.
  • Local comedies: If you want humour, you can always look for many in Yahoo Screen. Yahoo Screen will make sure that youl Laugh to your heart’s content.
  • Entertainment: You should be ready for a good treat – live concerts around the world. In Yahoo Screen, you get the chance to see the streaming of live concerts around the world.

Yahoo Screen is made for the taste of Singaporeans. With this, you can watch videos that you like and be the first to see it. If you are curious, you can just go to Yahoo Screen and see what they have. You have to know though that users cannot upload any content or videos. Yahoo Screen will assure the freshest and the newest contents with the help of partners like ABS news and Hulu.


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