Lies You Tell Your Dermatologists To Save Your Skin


Telling a lie is human nature but it is bad no matter how good the intentions are. Sometimes you have to lie to save your skin but you have to know that dishonesty can lead to your skin’s demise. You do not want that. According to a New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD, people are afraid of serious diagnosis that is why they tend to omit valuable information when doctors ask them.


Many dermatologists here in Singapore often hear lies which lead to false diagnosis. In all matters of life, honestly is always the best policy. If you want to be healed, you have to be truthful and honest as much as possible. Here are the skin lies you tell to save your skin:

  • Telling doctors that you revealed everything you are using on your skin: Any lie by omission is damaging. When dermatologists ask you about the products you use, you have to reveal everything. Being truthful to what you are using is the best thing that you can tell to your doctors. This is important because some products that you are using may be the source of some of your skin issues. You should reveal sunscreens you use to anti-aging, masks, sunscreen and even home remedies.


  • Telling doctors that you use all the products they prescribed: It is not good to have everything your way. Being rebellious will not make you look good. Remember that doctors specifically designed your regimen and not following it is useless. Doctors are encouraging patients to use all the prescribed products so they will know which is effective and not. If it is incompatible, they will give other treatment. If it works, doctors will strengthen its formulation.   


  • Telling doctors that you are not taking other medications: Doctors want to know if you are taking any other medications on top of the prescribed because it might be the source of skin irritation or any complication.


  • Telling doctors that you are not smoking: When asked by doctors, people deny that they smoke. When talking about skin, people tend to hide that they smoke (as if it doesn’t show). When asked by doctors regarding this matter, the least thing that you can do is to admit that you are smoking. Doctors will also want to know how much you are really smoking.

So, the next time you visit your dermatologist or physician, you have to be honest and just admit everything. Answer truthfully so doctors can finally design a regimen best for your skin. Good luck!


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