Myths about What a Healthy Relationship Really Is

What makes a relationship ‘healthy’ can be subjective sometimes. Some think it is when two people invest much time in the courting phase, getting engage, tying the knot and having some kids. However, these aren’t the only basis of what a healthy relationship is. In fact, some of these are actually false notions that only cause us to create unrealistic expectations on relationships. To give you a better understanding on these notions, we’ve listed five of the common healthy relationship myths that should be busted now.


  1. People who are in a healthy relationship never ever fight.

Without a doubt, false! People who are in healthy relationships often find themselves involved in spats, which is actually healthy because it only means that you’re voicing your opinion and is trying to resolve the things that irk you. However, it’s another story if you find yourself in regular screaming matches with your partner because of jealousy and accusations. This might be the time when you should reassess your seemingly ‘healthy’ relationship.

  1. People who are in a healthy relationship share a lot of common interests.

Although it’s good to share some common interest, healthy relationships actually flourish when each person have their own interests to enjoy. Not only does this provide the necessary time apart, it also opens your doors to the things that your partner is into. If you and your partner happen to not share any commonalities at all, then consider doing things that you can do together like taking some weekly trip to the museum, or taking cooking classes on weekends.


  1. People who are in a healthy relationship follow the typical relationship path.

We all know how the pattern goes: You date each, you start moving in, you get engaged then get married, you have a kid, buy your own home, have another kid and so on. While this sounds wonderful, this pattern doesn’t work for each and every couple. Some choose to remove a portion of it and proceed with the next step, and still have a happy and healthy relationship. The trick to doing this is to talk with your partner and agree on what works for both of you, and start working from there.

  1. People who are in a healthy relationship adore each other’s family and friends.

You don’t necessarily have to like his entire family and friends, but you still have to treat them with respect. You’re not obliged to adore your guy’s cousins, but that doesn’t mean that you can already be nasty and snarky around them. The same thing goes when you’re with his friends. If something is bothering you about his particular relative or friend, talk it out to him instead of giving the person some cold treatment every time you meet each other.

  1. People who are in a healthy relationship no longer need to work at it.

This might be the biggest myth of all, because a good relationship takes a lot of work even if things go well on a day-to-day basis. When we talk about work, it means learning how to compromise, being less stubborn and working on the things that you should change to improve yourself and your relationship. Working on these things is what will help you strengthen and make your already healthy relationship, healthier.

A healthy relationship isn’t about following the standard relationship rules. It’s about nurturing both your relationship and individuality to create a strong, happy and healthy relationship.


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