Practical Steps to Recruit the Best Applicant for your Company

Every year all the Prestigious Universities produce enormous eligible graduates. As an HR Manager, it is really hard to recruit who will be the best for the job. Here are some practical steps that can help them to hire the best applicant for their job vacancy.


1.)    If there is a vacancy in the company, the manager will first have to know carefully what employee they really need for the job. The manager should have to take note of the skills, knowledge & behaviour that is really required for the job.

2.)    Thinking that the manager already has everything in his/her hand, it’s time to advertise the vacancy. The manager should make sure that what is posted is the specific Job description.

3.)    Those that will be invited for the interview should match everything that is in the job description. This is for the interviewer and the applicant to both not waste their time.

Commission having a Job interview.

4.)    After the interview the applicants should be given certain points.  The Manager has to make sure that all the question that is asked in the interview should be the same in all of the applicants. To lessen the burden of thinking who answers the best.

5.)    Examination is vital also. Scores are tallied and will be given corresponding points.

6.)    Not to neglect the corresponding points of each applicant in terms of their Educational attainment, Training & Seminars, Professional License  & those essential requirements for  the job.

7.)    Those who got the highest points will receive the job offer.

Young Man Nervous about Job Interview


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