Questions to Ask before Buying an Engagement Ring

You’ve finally found your soul mate. And now, you’ve decided to settle down and spend the rest of your like with her. The first thing you need to do, before popping the question, is to look for an appropriate symbol to represent your love and promise to the woman you love. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be difficult. With this guide in mind, you’ll be armed with all the facets of wedding ring and wedding bands shopping.


1. How much can I afford?

When a men shop for proposal ring or wedding ring, salespeople often do sneaky marketing gimmicks, they make men think that the extent of his love for her is reflected to how much he’s willing to spend on a ring. To avoid getting brainwashed by these strategies, set a budget or figure out how much you’re willing to spend before you enter a Singapore jewellery store.

2. Is she into big or small jewellery?

Some women in Singapore love slim chains, exquisite earrings, tiny rings, etc such as those from Ling wedding ring for couples in Singapore while others go for huge rings, sparkly hoops, and chunky bangles.  Although there are exceptions, noticing what she wears everyday will give you a clear idea what kind of accessories she likes most.

3. Is it okay for her to wear two rings or one is enough?

Traditionally, men give one ring for engagement, and another one at the wedding ceremony to “seal the deal.”  When shopping for engagement ring, it’s better to look for one that comes with a wedding ring. This is for you to see how the rings would look like when worn together.

4. What are her usual daily activities?

There are wedding bands that can be a problem when worn in a vigorous environment. If your partner is a doctor or nurse, they should not be wearing tall and pointy accessories that are going to tear and scratch their latex gloves.


5. What diamond shape should I get?

For wise investment, rounds are the best diamond shape you can get.  However, women today are flocking for princess or square cut diamond centrepiece for their wedding bands. Square cut look smaller on the hand compared to the other shapes of diamond.  If you want to express how much you love your girl, the most lavish you could get is the marquise.  This shape looks bigger compared to other shapes of the same weight.

6. What ring size my girl has?

While she’s asleep, tie a string around her ring finger and slowly slide it off.  Or, you can secretly take her ring to a jeweller and have it measure the finger size. Just make sure that the ring goes on her left ring finger since it has different size from the right.

7. What ring style?

To know what style of and proposal ring she wants, notice how she comments on a friend’s ring, lingers on a jewellery magazine, or her eyes sparkle as she enters a jewellery store.  It’s also advisable to ask help from her friends or future in-laws.

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