Reasons Why Some Married Couples Still Live with Parents

According to the ongoing survey conducted by the Ministry of National Development, one out of four Singaporeans lives with their parents after getting married. This is a normal scene here in Singapore. So, what drives married couples to live with their parents even after marriage? Here’s a glimpse of reasons:


  • Couples can look after their parents. When your parents get old, they will become frail and you constantly worry about them. If you always see them, you will be relieved because you will not worry about them all the time. You can even make sure that they go to the doctor and take their medicines on time.
  • Parents can look after their kids. If your parents are around, you will be assured that your kids are in good hands. Your parents can look after your kids and help you raise them. Children are a handful so you need the help you can get to make sure that they grow good. Parents can babysit for free. You can save hundreds of dollars for a nanny.
  • Parents can cook meals. If you are working, you find it very tiring to cook when you get home. You also find it expensive and unhealthy when you always order ready-to-eat products.  If your parents are around, they can cook healthy and hearty meals for you and your kids.article-2174090-035C4964000005DC-161_468x302

While living with your parents yield many benefits, you should remember that there are dangers. Letting your parents get involved in your private life is not good. Sometimes parents have good intentions when they pry on their children’s married lives but it can be the source of conflict. The wisdoms of parents are invaluable but sometimes, opinions clash which makes it more difficult to bear every day.

Apart from that, your parents deserve a nice retirement. They should spend their time leisurely. You should not ask anything from them. For example, you live together with your parents so you can have a good meal every day or free babysitting 24/7. When your parents grow old, they should retreat quietly and comfortably.

No matter what your reasons are, it is important that you balance everything. If you feel that you are using their presence to achieve greater goals, you should think twice. Your parents should enjoy your company and your children. They do not need to do anything. After all, they are done with everything. MND’s survey started on May 25 and it will end the following month.

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