Retreating in Galapagos Islands

A lot of things are happening in Singapore every day. It is normal if you feel burned out. How should you cope with it? The first thing to do is recognize that you are burned out. Do not just go about everyday ignoring your ill feelings because it will only affect your productivity. After recognizing and accepting it, it is time that you take action.


You can choose to take some time off. You can take off for a little while or you can just stay in your home and get the rest that you deserve. If in this case you chose to take off by travelling outside of Singapore, there are many places worth the money, time and the energy. Have you thought about Galapagos Island?

Galapagos Islands are not your typical travel destination. Unlike other places, the islands speak of simplicity and being one with nature. If you prefer the tranquil scenes rather than the hustling ones, you should consider the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Islands are found in the Pacific Ocean. They are part of Ecuador. The islands are famous around the world because it nestle endemic species.

If you are serious about going to Galapagos Islands, you should know that there are eighteen main islands. Here are some islands that you must see:


  • South Seymour: This island is in the centre of the Galapagos. The island is dry; the vegetation is only consists of palo santo trees, salt bushes and pear cacti. South Seymour has an airport that can accommodate planes overnight. In South Seymour, you will see marine iguanas.
  • Bartholomew: Bartholomew was the lifelong friend of Darwin. The island was named after him. Species that live here include Galapagos penguin and the green turtle.
  • Darwin: Obviously, this island is named after the famous scientists, Charles Darwin. Species that live here include marine iguanas, gulls, whales, sea lions, turtles, boobies and seals.
  • Hood: This island is in honour of Spain. Among other islands, this is the oldest. Due to its remoteness (it is in the Southern part of the islands), there are many endemic species here like lava lizard, toirtoise, mockingbird, marine iguanas and waved albatross.
  • Narborough: The island is in honour of King Ferdinand II who supported the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Among other islands, this is the youngest. Flightless cormorants dwell in this place.
  • Tower: The island is famous because it nestle myriad of bird species. It welcomes frigate birds, gulls, boobies, terns, doves, petrels, finches and many more,

The list goes on. If you want the full list of the main and minor islands of the Galapagos, there are many references that you can consider.


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