Rough, Raw and Sexy… The 2013 SRT Viper

Viper has returned from its brief stasis with newfound sophistication, more upscale interior, modernized 640hp V10 and a better-than-ever car suspension. A combination of rough performance, raw power and sexy guise makes up the street phantom 2013 SRTViper.

The new Viper bodywork more closely embraces what lies beneath to look more compact, while still possessing the classic Viper look. The “gill” shape on its side inspired by Viper RT/10 still remains a focal point. The new roofline is much longer, which stretches toward the rear. The fenders have wider shoulders that give the car a much more hostile race car look.

From afar, the new Viper looks a lot like the previous model. But up close, the new one is far more stylish and elegant. No hard creases regardless of its sharp-ish features. In comparison, the last Viper looks clumsy and dated, while the 2013 Viper is equipped with up-to-date engine and upholstery. The soft vinyl and leather replaced the previous model’s hard plastic. The firm seats immediately give you the comfort and are also more adjustable than before. The interior is also mounted an inch lower, providing you with more headroom and a more spacious feeling. The gear stick tunnel is also placed a bit lower, allowing you to change gears comfortably with your wrists than with your forearm.

Because of the changes made to the newest SRT Viper, some might wonder if any vital Viper-ness has been lost. Some traits that contributed to the Viper’s charisma were also evident faults, that’s why we’re not sad to see some of these traits go. The new car is indisputably more comfortable and easier to drive, but still gives the same feeling of authenticity.

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