Steps in Making Your Bbq Party Menu

If you’ve already decided to make use of bbq catering to cook for your next satay party, you probably have some idea of what to include on your menu. However, before you get excited and start picking this and that as your bbq dishes, make sure that you consult your caterer first about the different choices available and everything you have to know. This is your chance to explore and try something new.


Meeting with the Caterers

To know the different options available in making your menu, set an appointment with the professionals you choose to work with. This way, you’ll get the general idea of their services, manner of delivery, their bbq wholesale options, and dishes to offer. Use this opportunity to raise all your concerns and questions about how the whole partnership works prior and during the event, and don’t forget to briefly explain the nature of your event as well. Most importantly, mention where the venue is located and how many guests are expected to come. This initial meeting is just for information and you’re not obliged to place an order, so no need for you to feel pressured.

Sample Tasting

In order to know how bbq food looks and tastes like in every bbq catering you come across with, make an appointment for food tasting session. Many catering companies in Singapore offer specific dates of the year when potential clients can come and try the food they have to offer. This step shouldn’t be skipped especially if you’re unfamiliar with the CMY affordable bbq catering Singapore food or if you want to know how a certain dish tastes like in this company. When you get to the area, don’t fill up yourself with just one item, no matter how good it tastes. Take a bite of everything before finalizing your bbq menu.


Adding in Personal Dishes

If you want to brag about your cooking skills, include your personal dish into the menu. Just make sure to mention this to your caterer so they can make adjustments as well. Keep in mind the number of guests to ensure enough food quantity for everyone. If you have a big party, this could significantly add up to your overall cost. Shop for your bbq dish supplies in bbq wholesale markets to get cheaper price. There are so many bbq wholesale vendors in Singapore who can help you get the most of your budget.


Making your Final Menu

Once you’ve decided which catering company you want for your event and you know how good each of the options tastes, it’s now the right time to make your menu. Apart from your main dish (or main dishes,) you have to make a choice for side dishes as well. Baked beans and coleslaw usually make a good pair with bbq food, or you could go for biscuits and dinner rolls instead.


After the side dishes, the beverages, appetizers, and desserts are the last items to make up the list. For your beverages, stock bottles of beer in the chiller aside from lemonade and tea. For appetizers, honey-roasted peanuts and sweet potato chips bring a bit more flavor to the mouth along with the smokiness of the bbq. And to top it all up, banana split cake or chilled fruit cocktail with cool whip and lots of grapes and chopped apples makes up a good bbq party dessert.

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