Sun Talks About Motherhood

Stephanie Sun is Singapore’s songbird. She was on indefinite leave last year because of her pregnancy but now she is back. She met the press last April 30, 2013 to launch a baby formula brand. It was her first public appearance since her pregnancy but it was noted that there was no difference in her look and appearance. She shared some of her experiences as a mother. She openly admitted that she is an apprehensive mother- she constantly search the internet or books to collect more information about motherhood.


Many mothers can relate to Sun. If it is your first born, it is difficult especially if you have a job to keep but once you learned to balance everything, you’ll get better in motherhood. When the second baby comes, it will be easier for you to deal. Motherhood is a life changing event. Here are other things Sun shared:


Sun pointed out that support is an essential factor that can contribute to the success of balancing career and motherhood. Support from friends, family and partner can make a big difference. If they are willing to lend you a hand, things will be easier for you and the baby.

Time management

Sun confided that she and her partner prepared a timetable. Timetables are efficient and effective because it can divide the task and schedule it so both will know what is expected of them. This will eliminate conflicts.

“Me time”

Sun said that this is not an act of selfishness. Sometimes when you are a mother, you tend to forget about yourself and how much stressed you are. Mothers have needs too! She admitted that she spends “me time” to start anew.

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