The Singapore Service Star

You come to Singapore and you are given the best service. That is how Singapore treats her tourists and guests. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched the Singapore Service Star last December 2008 to give credit for good services. This is a way of promoting local business entities at the same time encouraging and inspiring them. So, what is the Singapore Service Star? Here are some ideas:



Whether you are shopping or dining, services make all the difference. The Singapore Service is an accreditation scheme that recognizes and promotes establishments that deliver good services. The accreditation scheme seeks to enhance the confidence of tourists at the same time encouraging local tourist industries.


The Singapore Service Star is open to all businesses from the Food, Beverage, Nightspot and Retail industries. There are many businesses from different industries that have joined in this accreditation scheme. Screening the members is not easy because you need to meet requirements like the code of practice and no warning letters from the STB.


For the tourists, the benefit is clear- great service but for the members, there are many benefits that await. Members will be given recognition for their efforts in providing a great service; members will be given Singapore Service Star sticker which they can show off at their shops. The members will be recognized internationally through STB’s official website.

So, if you are visiting in Singapore, you should look for establishments with the Singapore Service Star mark. If you find one, you should consider it right away because it can serve as your assurance that you will be treated what is due to you. You will surely enjoy your stay here in Singapore.

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