The Sweet Love

Many people say that loving is like injecting a high dose of drug that relieves a pain at first but will eventually give you a real pain that is very hard to overcome. On the other hand, some people say that love is a sweet foodstuff that you can never take for granted. Love is actually a bitter-sweet situation. You will be happy and at the same time, you will be hurt. But as what many people say, there is always a rainbow after the rain.


And when it talks about love, this means that you are bound to these things to happen. You cannot control or change what you feel. There are only two options. It’s either you say what you feel and keep your feelings as a secret. The best thing to do is to be open to any circumstances to happen. You just have to deal with it. Indeed love is a like beautiful red rose that intensifies your love to a person.


Nevertheless, if it is just ignored, it will lose its beauty and rot like a fruit. The only thing to make more beautiful is to take care of it – water it in particular. This is also the same with relationship, you need the love and the care for it to continue growing. You’ll know what happens next if you do not take care of it. Thus, you need to give much of your time to it and put an extra effort to it.