The World’s Most Influential Women 2016


It is amazing how women leave a huge imprint in the world just like the men. In this world where women are empowered, many prove that they can make a difference or even surpass other men. Forbes just released its annual list of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. The list is comprised of the world’s smartest and inspiring, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.


For sure many Singaporean women will be motivated once they go through the list. Here are the top ten world’s most influential women:

  1. Angela Merkel – It is not a surprise that the first ever female German Chancellor topped the list for 6 consecutive years actually. Many people described her to be a humanist since she paved the way to open Germany’s borders to immigrants.
  1. Hillary Clinton – She is probably more influential than her former husband. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat front-runner and the first woman in the history of America to advance in the race for presidency. Not only that, she is the only First Lady to pursue a career in public office.
  1. Janet Yellen – Janet is known as the Chairman of the Washington Federal Reserve. As the Chairman, she did her best to boost employment rate at the same time stabilizing the US financial system.
  1. Melinda Gates – As a wife to one of the richest person on earth, Melinda never forgets to be humble and share her blessings. She founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which gives hope to people. Now, Melinda is absorbed on helping women conquer gender equality.
  1. Mary Barra – Mary Barra is General Motor’s matriarch. She is in fact the first female to become General Motor’s CEO. She managed to regain the company’s former glory with huge sales two years ago.1386685771000-a01-barra-mug-nline-21
  1. Christine Lagarde – She is the current head of the International Monetary Fund. She helped the world recuperate from financial crisis. Now she is engrossed in world issues like income disparities and gender inequality.
  1. Sheryl Sandberg – People only know Zuckerberg but it is time that you know the exceptional work of Facebook’s Chief Operation Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. She assisted boost the revenues of Facebook and constantly make donations to support women empowerment.
  1. Susan Wojcicki – She is the CEO of YouTube and dubbed as advertising most important person. She urged Google to buy YouTube and now it is valued at US$70 billion up from 2006’s US$1.65 billion.
  1. Meg Whitman – Meg Whitman is Hewlett Packard’s current CEO. In the past, she helped eBay raise profits.
  1. Ana Patricia Botin – She is the chairman of Santander, a financial- services. This woman is known to lead the progress of Europe’s largest bank. With this, she is considered as the world’s most powerful bank executives.


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