Things That Are Holding You Back in Your Job


There is sadness in your eyes. That is not a surprise because it dawned on you that you are merely dragging yourself to work every day. Gone are the days when you look forward to every mornings and work as if it is the end of the world. Suddenly your candle burned out and it is hard to find meaning again.


Every day, you constantly think whether you are in the right job or company. If you have these unpleasant thoughts lately, you are not alone. Many Singaporeans these days have the same thoughts. There is a study made by Tempe, Ariz in United States. The study revealed that about 95% of American workers say that they are in the wrong job.

Considering an average of 8 hours of work every day, there is no wonder why many people are quite discouraged to jump out of their beds every morning. It is important that you re-ignite your passion so you will find joy even in your workplace. Here are the reasons why you cannot find the job that you love according to Louis Efron, a Forbes contributor:


  • Hard work: Your parents and probably grandparents always remind you (since childhood) that if you work hard, you will be successful. That is correct but only partially. Long hours of work are not synonymous to success and happiness. Happy and successful people spend their hard work in the right roles and the right things.


  • Sheer passion: The advice that you get most is finding the things that you are passionate about and work your way up. According to Tom McDermott, the founder of Ignite, this belief is faulty. For example, you may be passionate about singing but you are not a gifted singer. Instead of relying on your sheer passion, be curious about it. If you are passionately curious, you will discover your right direction. Remember that when your talent, curiosity, strengths and passion are in complete sync, you can do great things in life.


  • Money: Money makes the world go round. You are getting paid to do your job whether you like it or not. Money is in fact the ultimate disturbance. Money will determine if you want to move forward but it does not necessarily mean that you will be happy. At first you may be happy of the pay but as you go along and begin to understand yourself, you will realize that money is not everything and it keeps you from having the job that you love.

These are just some of the factors that are keeping you from having the job that you love here in Singapore.


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