Two Types of Postal Boxes Available to Use by Individuals and Businesses


A large number of people are choosing to send their goods and merchandises to a particular recipient using a parcel courier instead of with the postal office. There are many reasons attributed as to why they choose couriers. However, postal offices need not to worry as numerous companies as well as home-based and online businesses prefer to ship their goods and other packages via post.


When it comes to sending lightweight packages and other items which are not that bulky, many senders believe that it would be ideal to send it through post. With the use of the right sized postal boxes, interested senders can place all of the items they need to ship out and be received by the recipient. In addition, these postal offices offer their clients with different delivery options like a next day delivery service. Of course, you will have to pay additional fee depending on what they’re asking but it’s typically affordable.

You don’t have to worry as well because even if you don’t have a postal box, they will be providing it to you for a fee. You can just select the right size and type that will fit all of the items you need to ship out. There may be a charge for the weight of the package but all in all, it’s an affordable way of sending lightweight parcels to the right recipient. Because of this factor, it makes it very popular among numerous businesses wanting to send their package through post.redirection-web-promo-300x200

Without a doubt, postal boxes are very popular nowadays as it holds small and big items an individual has to send. And because of its popularity, it is only proper that we talk about the different materials used in manufacturing this box. There are actually three types of materials used by the manufacturers which produced three types of the postal box we use today: the paper, paperboard, and the corrugated fiberboard. Out of these three, the last two are the ideal materials for manufacturing a postal box because they can hold the weight of the items to be placed inside.

Paperboard or Cardboard Boxes

One of the most popular postal packaging item today is the cardboard box. It is a type of postal box with increased popularity as numerous people use it to send out their items to the recipient. In the packaging industry, the sales of postal box definitely increased with more and more individuals and businesses sending package all over the world. Because it is thicker than paper with over 0.25 mm. Depending on the width of the paperboard if it’s single-ply or multi-ply, you will still have to check its quality to ensure that it’s the right one for your items.

Corrugated Boxes

On the other hand, corrugated boxes are made using a corrugated medium and flat linerboards. Also called as the corrugated fiberboard or corrugated cardboard box, this is an ideal packaging item because of numerous factors. Postal boxes like the corrugated fiberboard is lightweight and provide convenience to senders as they place all of the items they need to ship. It can also be recycled which makes more companies use it as they view it being an eco-friendly postal packaging item.


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